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Business relocation from Lebanon to Cyprus is on the rise, same as businesses’ expansion or also re-domiciliation into Cyprus.

Written in: ConfiDen Linkedin page
Published on: June 18, 2021

Successful Lebanese business owners are indeed activating their efforts, securing further opportunities for their rising companies.
And Cyprus is on top of the possibilities, considering the proximity and accessibility of the two countries.

Re-domiciliating a company is the transfer of its registration from its original jurisdiction of incorporation to a new jurisdiction, while preserving its initial constitution date.

A member of the #EuropeanUnion with one of the lowest corporate tax rates and a favorable tax regime and being at the crossroads between Asia, Africa and Europe, Cyprus is considered as an attractive #businesshub for international #investors.

#ConfiDen in alliance with EmilianidesKatsaros LLC is set to provide solid assistance to clients planning such an important move.
The full process is covered, on both the corporate and individual levels.
Our wide range of corporate administration services ensure that companies in Cyprus are compliant with all relevant #regulations.
Most importantly, we also cater for employees’ work and #residence #permits and #housing accommodation in Cyprus.

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