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Support in Banking Operations Setup for Lebanese Individuals and Companies heading to Cyprus

Written in: ConfiDen Linkedin page
Published on: May 15, 2021

Ambitious Lebanese individuals & companies are actively looking at opening a door to Cyprus as an interesting and accessible business destination and also as a bridge to Europe.
To allow for a solid setup, a first priority is to cover all banking needs, including account openings and more complex banking and financial operations.

ConfiDen and EmilianidesKatsaros LLC have established the optimal alliance for leading and assisting them in the process with various banks in Cyprus.

As a Business Associate and Introducer of many Banks in Cyprus, EK are for instance entitled to alleviate the account opening process by conducting online meetings and certifying clients’ signatures upon compliance with all necessary requirements.

And as Introducers for our clients before other banks and financial institutions in Cyprus, we are able with EK to smoothen out all procedures, completing all banking operations with time effectiveness.

“We’re in it Together”



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