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International Expansion

Structuring & Restructuring

Our role is to optimize each process by exploring and putting in place successful corporate operations, as well as optimizing business structures for the long term.

Franchise, License & Distribution Rights

Tagging along specialized experts for each industry field, we stand by our clients for:

  • Selecting the right brands to acquire and/or to grant for franchise, license and distribution
  • Determining the best territories for coverage
  • Setting and negotiating the applicable terms and conditions
  • Designing the development plans
  • Overlooking the whole process by liaising with all involved parties for reaching projects implementation within optimized time and cost-effectiveness


We provide expert assistance to startups in designing, developing and implementing projects in different industries.

Joint-Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions

Joint-Ventures and Mergers & Acquisitions have become essential vehicles for corporate change and business development, opening the way to always wider corporate opportunities.
We provide clients with the best support, helping them understand, assess and optimize their options. Then we embark with them on the process, assisting them in the execution of these complex operations in the most effective manner.

Real Estate Advisory Services

We offer expert advice on potential investments in real estate, including property planning, legal due diligence, legal contracts and processes through our legal advisors.
Our support is extended to clients wishing to purchase, sell or rent properties, through our network of licensed real estate agents.