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Property Consulting & Management

Advisory Services

We offer expert advice on potential investments in real estate, including property planning, legal due diligence, legal contracts and processes through our legal advisors.

Marketing Support

Our support is extended to clients wishing to purchase, sell or rent properties. Marketing services include the research for new estates, as much as the promotion of clients’ properties for sale or rent through our network of real estate agents.

Property Management Services

We provide management services for residential, commercial and industrial real estate in addition to soft services through our local contractors and technical suppliers in the various markets, preserving clients’ assets at their best value.

We offer, inter alia:

  • Technical Due Diligence and Assessment for properties to be purchased or sold.
  • Budgeting and Renovation Works.
  • Maintenance Services for buildings, apartments, gardens, swimming pools and other.
  • Rent Management with tenants, including process organization, communication and payments.
  • Utility Services: official registrations and payments for water, electricity, and other similar services with local authorities.

Project Management

We accompany clients’ investments from whiteboard to closure.
Our team brings specialized knowledge and skills, assisting clients in making informed decisions throughout their project’s lifecycle, starting from the initial planning stage.
Moreover, our Owner Representation services are sure to improve productivity and profitability, until final completion of the project.